TAD / Über’s Sterben sprechen

“Communication with cancer patients and their families about approaching death: Scaffolding conceptual and practical learning for health professionals”

Our research group is participating in the development of an educational module about communication about approaching death, in collaboration with the Institute for Medical Education (Institut für Medizinische Lehre - IML). The module will be available online through the Doccom.Deutsch platform for medical students.

This research project, funded by the Krebsliga Forschung Schweiz, is planned in three phases during 3 years (2019-2021).

Based on a systematic literature review, a theoretical model will be developed in the first phase. This forms the basis for the development of the eLearning module for communication about dying and approaching death. The second phase focuses on the research plan and the preparation of suitable measuring instruments in order to start the third and final phase, which consists of empirically testing the teaching module.