I-PLAN - a joint effort: the standard of care for advance health planning in general palliative care

The introduction of the structured "I-PLAN" approach enables a needs-based offer for patients with chronically progressive diseases at all locations of the Insel Group as well as the early, needs-based allocation to specialized services.

With the harmonization of general palliative care ("I-PLAN"), the Insel Group has optimized the inter-location, interprofessional range of services. The needs of patients and their relatives are taken into account, especially in the case of advanced diseases. In addition, palliative care focuses on medical and nursing care and the demands of older people with multimorbidity and chronic diseases. One focus here is planning ahead for people in the last phase of life and and avoiding multiple relocations for complex problems. In addition, the needs-based allocation to services of specialized palliative care should be guaranteed regardless of the current place of treatment.