Compassionate City Lab of the population of Berne (Co-Lab)

The project is taking measures with the older population of the municipalities of Bern and Frutigland to improve mutual support in the face of end-of-life challenges. The aim is to strengthen the personal and social resources in the communities for a shared end of life.

The project deals with three areas:

  1. Make the experience of relatives and older people visible and accessible about the end of life,  
  2. develop a course program for health planning for older people and their families,
  3. support the participation of older people in professional networks so that offers are tailored to Needs.

The range of courses is currently being developed under the direction of the University Center for Palliative Care and the BFH Age Institute. This course aims to enable the participants to take an active role in the process of health planning through knowledge of tools, possibilities and also limits of planning. It offers a low-threshold range of information and education with the aim of giving the participants an overview of the topic. The content is primarily designed for older people and their families, but can also be helpful for younger people.

Further information can be found on the web page health promotion Switzerland  and on the web page Berner Fachhochschule