Systematic Review

What are the outcomes reported in studies assessing the effectiveness of end of life interventions, how are they measured, and who/what are the outcomes focused on?

The objective of this review is to identify the outcomes and outcome domains measured in interventional studies in palliative care.  More specifically, the review aims to summarize what outcomes are systematically measured in palliative care, through which specific tools, when are they assessed, who reports on the outcome: whether the patient, the family or the health professionals, and which of these outcomes would be relevant for the last days of life.
The systematic review will be the first step in the development of a core outcome set for best care for the dying person.

Project Partners
Contributors ordered alphabetically by country:
- Vilma Tripodoro & Gustavo De Simone / Pallium Latinoamérica, Argentina
- Agnes van der Heide / Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, Netherlands
- Jean Clark & Simon Allan / Arohanui Hospice,  Palmerston North, New Zealand 
- Birgit Rasmussen & Carl Johan Fürst / Palliativt Utvecklingscentrum, Sweden
- Steffen Eychmüller & Sofia Zambrano / Palliativzentrum Inselspital, Bern, Switzerland

Type of Research Project
Systematic review

Project Status
In progress

Project Start / End Dates
March 2017 – March 2018

Responsible Person
Sofía C Zambrano, PhD

Principal investigator at the Inselspital
Prof. Dr. med Steffen Eychmüller