Determinants EoL Discussions

Determinants of End of Life discussions in Non-Malignant Illness:  An International, Multicentre, Qualitative Study to Understand the Key Perspectives of Bereaved Families and Medical Specialists

In the proposed research, an international, multicenter, qualitative study will be undertaken to understand: a) how physicians and patients’ families experience and negotiate the uncertainties in advanced non-malignant illnesses, b) when do they start considering end of life issues, and c) when and how do they actually initiate and revisit these discussions.
These aspects remain largely unexplored but are critical in influencing the timeliness in providing best care at the end of life. 
The factors determining such a complex decision-making process remain unclear.

Project Partners
Co-applicant: Corina Salis Gross, PhD
Research Assistant: Gabriela Rauber
Prof. Geoff Mitchell / Australia
Prof. Steffen Eychmueller / Switzerland
Prof. Rod MacLeod / New Zealand
A/Prof. Rebecca Aslakson / United States of America

Type of Research Project
Qualitative study

Project Status
Not yet commenced

Project Start / End Dates
March 2017 - March 2019

Responsible Person
Sofía C Zambrano, PhD

Principal investigator at the Inselspital
Sofía C Zambrano, PhD